About Herbert Flores

If you’re on this page, you’ve probably been searching around on youtube and you watched some of my videos and other posts reading my thoughts on various companies, opportunities, systems, and strategies – and you’re finally reached a MOMENT where you asked the question – WHO IS HERBERT FLORES?

Well, I’m just an ordinary guy just like you who loves internet marketing and help other people to have a profitable home based business. Most importantly (most likely) you’ll want to know if I work full time online. Yes! I work from home, although sometimes I work from a coffee shop or sometimes with my team’s home office.

I’m still single, I have 2 siblings, my sister is working in the bank and my younger brother is working in Saudi Arabia and my parents are living in the province of Pampanga Philippines. I’m also an active choir member inside our church and that’s why I choose to work from home so that anytime we have a call of duty in our church I have a freedom to attend.


Why is this all possible? Well it’s a balance between God providing and having the drive to build an online business. It started on February 2013 when my contract from my last job as RF Engineer has been ended. After that I don’t want to go back on employment and work as a full-time internet/network marketer. I continually try to learn new things and build up the business to provide more for my family.

And now, I created a brand that will TRANSFORM and help other people lives!

Let’s build the future together… 🙂


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