How To Make a Living From Animated Marketing and Sales Videos

Animated videos, whiteboard doodle sketch, and full motion videos, is Multi-Billion dollar industry, and with the Explaindio ONE you can get a piece of that huge market. Explaindio is the world’s most powerful, easiest to use, animated marketing & sales video creator that’s been around and tested for a long time.

Here is a simple 5-step plan to make a living or at least supplement your income with the videos you can make in Explaindio 3 in minutes.

1. Join Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

2. Render good number of customized scene animations from 200 you get bundled with Explaindio ONE to have big number of portfolio videos. You may also consider joining template club to have more variety of animated scenes.

3. Upload those videos to your youtube channel.

4. Update your profile on websites from point 1 to include your animated videos in portfolio.

5. On Fiverr make a gig offer with good description and videos as examples. On Freelancer and Upwork bid on relevant projects.

If you are just starting out, I suggest to offer a better deal than your competitors to get orders and build up reviews.

Now you are in business and you look like a professional video creator.

You can also rank your videos using this amazing Video Marketing Blaster PRO

Preview with some sample animations what can be done in Explaindio ONE

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P.S. Of course you can also sell videos to both local and online business but that is beyond scope of this 5-step plan.

How To Make Money With Domain Flipping

Have you heard about flipping houses…it has been a subject of sitcoms on tv and reality shows…there are entire shows focused on The concept of purchasing properties and fixing them up and reselling them for any profit. Well, you can use a comparable idea how to create money online-flipping domain names…

Basically What I am discussing is purchasing a domain which has expired and reselling it. Of course you’ve to get an useful domain name…just like inside the property example…because not all domain names are created equal. In property the main element is location, location, location, right? Well, online comparable is traffic, traffic, traffic.

Same like flipping houses you’ve to accomplish some homework. Whether you might be seeking a bodily property about the market or virtual property in a expired domain There’s work involved. however with expired domains you don’t need to leave your property to discover The Right “property”…

Well there is a program that came out today by a guy who’s been around in the marketing game for 14 years.

It’s a software based system, where you can find AMAZING domains and flip them fast right then and there through their own marketplace called Domainer Elite Pro.

What is Domainer Elite Pro?
DomainerElite by Jamie Lewis launched in January 2016, and quickly became one of the most sought after solutions for finding hidden premium domains and selling them, nearing $450,000 in sales through JVzoo.

DomainerElite Pro includes the Software, instruction, training and resources to buy and sell them for huge profits. But make no mistake, DomainerElite is much more than a course on “how to sell domain names” as it solves one of the hardest problems, a problem that had previously made domaining undesirable. It actually FINDS good Domains that will SELL. Buying a domain for $9 and selling it for 20 times more than you bought it for at a high frequency again & again is very desirable, and therefore this is why this program was such a big hit.

Watch This Short Video How DomainerElite Pro Software Works

All you need is a Godaddy account and DomainerElitePro.

I really do believe that if you are looking for an ingenious way to “how to sell domain names,” it solves one of the hardest problems..

A problem that had previously made domaining undesirable.

It actually FINDS good Domains that you have a better chance of SELLING.

Buying a domain for $9 and selling it for 20 times more than you bought it for at a high frequency again & again is very desirable, and therefore this is why this program is such a big hit.

* 3 new criteria to the search capability: Instead of just using keywords, trends, starting and ending words.

* Expired Domains: We now will have an automatically updated, heavily filtered and sorted expired domain name database.

*An actual Marketplace where members can buy and sell.

So basically, you can find domains using our newly updated complex functionality, purchase them for $9 and sell them directly within DomainerElite, utilizing the DomainerElite marketplace.
Awesome right?

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How to Use Stories to Increase Your Sales and Recruit

Are you struggling to get more sales and get more reps on your network marketing or home based business?

Just want to share this one of the most powerful strategy that can help you increase your sales and recruit in your network marketing or home based business.

The Power of Stories

Stories are the single approximately powerful way to tell, which makes them an indispensable tool in your sales process.

You can use them to sell
You can use them to recruit.
And you can use them to influence people with ease.
For over a decade I was in a tough business with one of the hardest to sell products.
It’s one of these things that very few people actually WANT to talk about.
Using stories I was able to go from most prospects giving me the old “I want to think about it”(which means NO but I don’t want to say it)… to getting over 80% of everyone I met with, saying YES.
No pressure.
No hard-selling.
Forget all that.
In this post I’m going to share how to tell story that works.

But first, let’s discuss why we care about stories to begin with.

Stories are part of our life

As we grow older we have a lot of stories that we heard because they are entertaining.

This is why we’re pay attention to them.

And also we are so happy when we watch our favorite movies, televison shows and plays, and read books because we FEEL emotion.

Emotion is very important when you’re telling story. Example if you love a product and you’re satisfied then you can feel the excitement to share your story to others like you lose weight with that amazing product. As human beings, we interpret everything that happens to us through stories.

VIDEO: How To Tell A Story That Sells by Michael Bernoff.

Discover why a recall story is so important before trying to sell to anyone. This one technique will make you more money.

Stories allow the customers to connect with the goods emotionally, they are a silent salesman/woman, and used well, they can increase sales dramatically.

Try selling with stories…!

Be sure to drop a comment if you if you learn something… 🙂

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Creating Your Vision That Works

I know most of all every new year we setting up our new year’s resolution and goal, today’s blog post I want to share how to start the new year with a vision that works. While on facebook after new year’s eve I came across on facebook and I’ve seen a post from one of the Internet Marketing guru named David Wood, wherein he share some of his thoughts about vision not just a vision but gigantic vision and what I like is that when he define the vision is something bigger that an outcome. You need to create a vision and outcome.


I search on google what is vision and here’s what I got, Vision – an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.


Then I came into a blog and see this quote;

“Vision is knowing who you arewhere you’re going and what will guide your journey.”

– Ken Blanchard and Jesse Stoner


Why Do We Need A Vision?

We need to understand what is our purpose.

We need to picture out our future.

We need to know our journey and values.

I think the best way is also by creating a vision board.


Video On Creating A Vision Board

Watch and see what is inside it and picture yourself in the mix with YOUR family, teammates and friends. Hope this helps you, it will, if you allow it =)

Was that fun? Could you see yourself living your lifestyle?

Comment below if you got inspired and are going to create the life of your dreams and feel free to share this with anyone that could use some motivation and inspiration.


How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

When starting out your internet business as a beginner or newbie the best and quickest way to start seeing immediate profit is to start with affiliate marketing because it is the easiest way to get into the internet business.

Affiliate Marketing – the simplest definition is promoting another company’s product or service in return in commission or percentage of sale. It can be really profitable and it can make you huge profit once you master it. You can apply or signup for free with some affiliate networks and sometimes others you need to become a user before you can promote their product but the good part with the paid affiliate network you can get paid more percentage unlike those free because sometimes they only offer 1-2 of sales compare with those paid affiliate network you can get paid on a certain level of sales.


Here’s How Affiliate Program Works



From the Merchants with the affiliate network – you get commissions paid for referred sales.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Business Model

– No need to create your own product
– No need to fulfill the product
– No need to deal with customer service
– No need to worry about merchant accounts
– Your job is to simply promote the product through marketing and advertising while collect a percentage of each sale!

How To Get Started

– Sign up with an affiliate network
– Choose a good product to promote
– Get your affiliate link
– Start promoting your affiliate link

Recommended Affiliate Network

Was that helpful? Hope so! Learn the basic of affiliate marketing and decide to start making money and the next step is take action and learn more the details on how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

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It’s like having the ultimate ‘cheat sheet’ to profit as an affiliate… in ANY niche you choose.

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And ClickBank is likewise paying out tens of millions every month…

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